Cable Alternatives

Not every TV in this house gets cable. Or at least not the premium, box-requiring kind. But that doesn’t stop me. There are more TVs than people, and even more than there are rooms to put them in. We are people against quiet. Noise, background noise, rocks. And since the iPods and iPhones have taken over the world, actual rock isn’t really an option. Hooking them up to something that sounds decent is such a pain. I kinda miss my old boom box stereo… (moment of silence for the 1900s………..)
Of course, I still need cable to get the WiFi thing, but I’m growing fond of services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. All those widgets that came with my newest TVs. They let me watch all kinds of random programming whenever and wherever I want. Stuff I might have missed before TiVo came along.
Today I started watching The Riches. Made it through 3 episodes while organizing the laundry room and puttering. It’s pretty good so far. My secret crush on Eddie Izzard helps.

Oops, I guess it’s not such a secret anymore.

Good show, tho.