Disney’s Art of Animation Resort — Part 5

Whew!  What a resort!  And there are 2 more sections to visit…  The Lion King suites are open now, but I didn’t have time to visit 🙁  The Little Mermaid section will be standard rooms, and opening soon.  We have reservations there in December, but I have to say that I am seriously considering switching to back to POP or another resort.  Even though it would be fun to stay in those old shells across the lake (and the rooms look adorable!), they are very far away from Animation Hall.  The walkways were closed, so I couldn’t measure, but… the Mermaid rooms look to be farther away than any of the POP rooms.  And I have stayed in a POP room that was actually outside the gates of Disney (seriously – you could see the Mickey arches from the room).  We stayed in the 50’s section of POP, which is pretty remote itself, and the walk across Hourglass Lake, through the Nemo section to Animation Hall was closer than the Mermaid rooms appear to be.  We’ll see…

I’ll get more pics of all the sections for you soon.  In the meantime, here are a few more:

The Lion King
Another view of the bus stops

The bus stops are very nice with the shelters.  Over at POP standing out in the beating sun and pouring rain can be miserable.  I’ve seen reports that POP and AoA are sharing buses, but that was not my experience.  Each destination has individual stops for each and while we were there in August, there was no sharing.  We did, however, use the AoA buses a few times as the room we were staying at in POP was about equidistant between the 2 halls.

I love Disney buses!

Mermaid Rooms