Team Bacon – Week 1

Taken with my iPhone4

2, 4, 6, 8 – who do we appreciate? I-iiiit’s Bacon!  Go Team Bacon!

So I’m off carbs for a little while.  I gained some weight over the holidays (more on that later), and I need to get my cravings under control.  I’m not sure how healthy it would be long term, but since there’s no way I’m giving up pasta forever, I’m not too worried about that.   I do plan on throwing in a cheat day here and there.

I’ve done both Atkins and South Beach in the past.  They both worked wonders the first time and a little less every time after that.  Yes, I’ve been on a diet most of my adult life.  I am seriously fighting genetics here.  I know that I feel so much better when I restrict the carbs.  My mood is more even, my skin glows and my nails grow like crazy.  But not the first week.  It takes a little while for my body to settle in, and that first week can be nasty.  I get very crabby.  My digestive system rebels in every way it can.  I’m tired.  The upside?  I’ve lost 4 pounds!  Yay!

Laundry Room Makeover

Well, more of a cleanup, I guess.  This morning, all the reusable grocery bags that I’ve been collecting and shoving in the corner of the laundry room came crashing down.  It was snowing, there was nothing else to do right at that moment, and something came over me – it was time to clean up the laundry room.

Bag Avalanche!


I then proceeded to do something I’m not really known for – clean.  I mean really clean.  I pulled absolutely everything out of the room and started scrubbing.  Sponges and rags weren’t cutting it – I found some rather, um, nasty crevices here and there around and in the machines.  It was steamer time!  It was so much fun.  Gross, but fun.

What wasn’t so much fun was organizing all those baskets full of miscellaneous debris.  But it’s done now and I have a room that I’m ok sharing with you.  And my mother.