Disney’s Art of Animation Resort — Part 2

Let’s head inside Animation Hall and see what’s in there!

Entering Animation Hall

Colorful Check In
So pretty
Awesome Chandelier

Shopping and Eating. Yes, please.
Ink & Paint Shop

As you would expect, since the building already existed, the check in area, shop and food court are all laid out in a very similar fashion to Classic Hall over at POP Century.  Everything seemed just a little bit smaller to me – which could be an optical illusion, but I wonder if they have more going on backstage.  I’ll do more research on that…

AoA has a ton of themed merchandise – I’d love to see more of that at the resorts.

I’m sending this t-shirt to everyone in my family. If I can remember…

All that shopping can make you hungry.  Good thing the Landscape of Flavors food court is right through that arch…

The set up is similar to POP, but the menu is definitely different, featuring more international flair along with the usual pizza & burgers.  I only ate there once this trip and will post my review soon.

Tandoor Portuguese Sausage with acorn squash, spinach paneer, lentils, rice and naan

Wanna see the rest of the resort?  Coming right up…

‘Ohana Breakfast

One of the great things about Walt Disney World (& Disneyland) is the food.  There’s always something new to try and something to look forward to on your next visit.  There’s a whole community of Disney foodies out there (Hi!), but the food is still probably the least photographed part of Disney.

I’ve taken a picture of just about everything we’ve eaten at Disney in the past 6 years or so.  We, being my Disney buddy, the lovely Lady – aka my mom… & me.  (and various other friends and family)   I love looking at the food pics others post, as well as remembering my own experience.   I hope you all enjoy this segment, and if you find it useful in your Disney planning – even better!


Let’s randomly start with the Best Friends Breakfast at ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, featuring Lilo & Stitch.  This is a wildly popular character breakfast – served family style.

As you pass the imposing Tiki, your host grabs a basket of sweet breads and rolls (seen above) and escorts you to into the bustling dining room full of kids, characters and fun!


When we were seated, the server informed us that they were out of the signature fruit bread (even though there were 2 hours left for breakfast).  The Lady was very disappointed, and, in true Disney fashion, a couple pieces magically appeared to turn her frown upside down. 🙁 – 🙂


And then comes Lilo’s special juice blend.  Mango and Guava, I think…


Chances are, a character or two will stop by the table before the really good stuff comes – a skillet full of goodness.  Mickey Waffles, sweet sausages, bacon, eggs and more!

Wait, where are my Mickey waffles?
There they are!

The food keeps coming, as long as you can keep eating.  And if you clean your plate…

That was very good...

You just might get a surprise…