Air Show Fun

One of the most popular events of the summer here in Rhode Island is the Air Show in Quonset.  It’s held along with the Rhode Island National Guard Open house and is great family fun with proceeds benefitting the Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

It’s also a great place to take pictures of planes and people.  I’ll be sharing my Strangers series soon – in the meantime, here are some flying beauties…

Starting with the Army Black Daggers jumpers

The U.S. Army Black Daggers start things off

Sean D. Tucker took our breath away with his bright red Oracle plane

Sean D. Tucker

John Klatt thrilled us

John Klatt

The Jelly Belly plane brought color and made us laugh

Jelly Belly Plane!

And more…

P-51 Mustang

C-130J Super Hercules

I’m a little biased in favor of the helicopters – my dad was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam (thanks, Dad!).  There was only one this time, the Black Hawk.  I texted my dad during the show and he said he never flew one, but he supervised putting the first one together at Ft. Eustis!

Black Hawk

The Geico Skytypers were pretty amazing

Geico Skytypers

And, the grand finale… The Thunderbirds!!!!

USAF Thunderbirds


As you can see, it was a beautiful day.  I was shooting with my Canon 55-250mm IS – it seemed to like the Thunderbirds most of all.  Probably not the ideal lens for an air show (I may have been a little jealous of my friend’s 500mm), but it was fairly light to hold all day and got the job done.

Cable Alternatives

Not every TV in this house gets cable. Or at least not the premium, box-requiring kind. But that doesn’t stop me. There are more TVs than people, and even more than there are rooms to put them in. We are people against quiet. Noise, background noise, rocks. And since the iPods and iPhones have taken over the world, actual rock isn’t really an option. Hooking them up to something that sounds decent is such a pain. I kinda miss my old boom box stereo… (moment of silence for the 1900s………..)
Of course, I still need cable to get the WiFi thing, but I’m growing fond of services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. All those widgets that came with my newest TVs. They let me watch all kinds of random programming whenever and wherever I want. Stuff I might have missed before TiVo came along.
Today I started watching The Riches. Made it through 3 episodes while organizing the laundry room and puttering. It’s pretty good so far. My secret crush on Eddie Izzard helps.

Oops, I guess it’s not such a secret anymore.

Good show, tho.