About Me…

Hi, I’m Denise.  Former big city girl trying to fit in here in the tiniest state of the union.

I’m a producer by day (and often night) — and a crazy, but lovable, mess of everything else on my own time.  I’m an occasional freelance photographer, voice actor, neighborhood cook, avid shopper, occasional reader, interior design student, shoe collector, and former elevator operator and security team member at a major NFL stadium (don’t mess with me – I watched the ENTIRE training film!!)

One of my favorite things is cooking (and eating).  For years, I’ve been meaning to create a place where I can share recipes and pictures with everyone else.  And here it is.  I am so excited to share this love with you.  I am also a foodporn addict.  I love pictures of food and taking pictures of food.  My friends are finally getting used to me whipping out a camera at dinner…

Which leads to another passion — photography.  My friends have also gotten used to seeing a camera in front of my face.  I’m mostly self-taught and still learning.  I shoot with a Canon 7D when I have the time and an iPhone 7+ on the go.  I have a few point and shoots and a GoPro, too.  In fact, I have almost as much random photo gear as I have shoes…  Almost…

That should be enough to get us started, right?  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions/comments.

As for advertising on this site, I do plan on participating in an affiliate program – someday, but not today.  And while I would be happy to review any product sent to me that is relevant to this blog, I will clearly state if that is the case.  Unless otherwise noted, all reviews and product mentions are purely my opinion – I love to hear what you all are loving and I plan to share my favorites as well.

Cheers! 🙂

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